Things to come

Out with the old

I had a blog on my site for a little while. I was “rolling my own” blog software based on Python with Django and PostgreSQL. It was fun, but eventually it was too much to tweak that software just to maintain my blog, especially with parental duties &c. at home. And in all that tinkering I never got around to making regular backups. Eventually I kinda nuked the blog and shut down my VPS for a while. I might get around to recovering some of those articles via the Internet Archive / Wayback Machine.

In with the new

So this time instead of using my own custom blogging software I'm running WriteFreely. It has pretty much all the features I want in a blogging system and none of the extra stuff I don't need that is offered by a bigger platform like WordPress, so it's pretty easy for me to host. It feels better to start with a blogging system that already does things write, instead of incrementally trying to make my own system conform to various standards and work smoothly in a project that was falling pretty far down my list of priorities.

What to expect

I want to write a lot about music. Sometimes music I'm making, or musical ideas I'm learning/exploring, but also other people's music. Classics, indie stuff I've been listening to, the work of friends, &c. But I've never liked keeping my writing to just one area, so you can expect some politics, armchair sociology, navel-gazing, &c.

All in all it's just my personal blog. It's not a Substack. I'm not asking anyone to subscribe. Just having some fun and sharing some thoughts.

Posts I want to write in January 2023

Wait, who is this?

If you've somehow landed on my blog without knowing who I am… This is Dominique Cyprès. I have a page on, a Bandcamp page, and a Mastodon account.

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